My name is Dominique Gardiner but by the special powers of social media, Dom Dominique just stuck and I like it.

For the longest time I have loved clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, I think you know where I am going with this. I started this blog because my family and friends kept telling me I should have an outlet for all the fashion things I find, the cool places I go and the random things I do. So after 6 years of living in London and working in the fashion industry I’ve finally given in.

It’s a Style Thing is all about my style, (see what I did there) my fabulous life and my adventures exploring London City through food, exhibitions and events. There will also be a little bit, ok ALOT of shopping, you will learn very quickly that I have problems so please don’t judge.

I welcome all feedback as this is still very new to me. If you buy anything I post or try any of the places I have been to let me know.

If you would like to work with me please send ideas of how we can make this happen.

Thanks for stopping by

Dom Dominique xx