To be totally honest I don’t even know where to begin with Kastawey Beach Bar at Four Seasons, Nevis, it was just so good!

As you know I always spend Christmas and New Year in St Kitts in the Caribbean because winter sun and time with my Grandad who lives over there is always needed. Anyway as much as “my genes are in St Kitts” (my Grandads words) I LOVE NEVIS! St Kitts just doesn’t compare to that Nevisian charm. I always try to pop over to Nevis when I’m in St Kitts as the Ferry service is regular and it’s a really quick journey to paradise.

Ok so let me set the scene, we have just got off the Ferry with our car and we drive for less than 10 minutes and come across the beautiful Four Seasons Resort. It’s honestly like a different world, I’m so impressed. The lady at the security barrier greets us with a smile and asks where we need to get to. When we tell her, we are having lunch at Kastawey Beach Bar she smiles and shows us where the car park is and then gives us directions to Kastawey at the end of the resort on the beach.

When we park up we head inside and again we are greeted with a big smile by the friendly Kerry C on reception. Kerry C directs us to Kastawey and tells us we will really enjoy it. Now I’m super excited and all of a sudden, I’m so hungry.

The reception area of Four Seasons Nevis is stunning! I must have looked like a typical tourist looking around at everything and filming loads on my phone, I really need to work on looking cool and unbothered by such beautiful places.  




Sorry back to Kastawey, we took the scenic route past the pools, through the gardens past the guest rooms and towards the end of the resort right on the beach where you’ll find a little bar with brightly coloured umbrellas, the comfiest outdoor sofas and the nicest team. Again we were greeted with big smiles, a nice conversation and then shown to our table.



I didn’t look at the menu online before we arrived as I wanted to be surprised. Obviously we ordered cocktails first, I mean you have to wash down food with rum in the Caribbean right? I went for the Coconut Spritz, I was sold on Coconut Rum and Prosecco… OH BOY! This cocktail is MASSIVE and it’s super strong, now I remember why I slept on the Ferry ride back to St Kitts.


Our waitress helped us decide on appetisers and mains although as soon as she said the Fish of the Day was Snapper, I knew I would be having that with Rice and Peas.

I had the chicken and cashew nut appetiser and it was way too big for a starter if you have the intention of eating more food straight after. Luckily my mom KG, ordered the fish appetiser but wanted to try mine too (typical) so I shared it with her.


I didn’t even get half way through my Coconut Spritz when our lunch came out, WOW….


There is just something about fresh fish that always satisfies me and tastes so good. The fish was perfection and the rice was cooked just right, not too soft or too hard.

So everything is going really well, we are enjoying the sunshine and the picturesque views and then the heavens open and the drizzle gets all dramatic and hard. At first I thought, it’s fine I can just keep eating and it will stop but it didn’t stop! It’s one hell of a downpour that not even the beach umbrellas could protect us from. The staff came over quickly with umbrellas and helped us over to the bar which provided a bit more shelter.

When the rain finally stopped 5-6 minutes later I finished my lunch and my hangover in a glass aka the cocktail. The food at Kastawey is pure heaven, I really enjoyed what I had, it was so yummy and cooked really well, loads of flavour and not too spicy.

After the rain and the food almost out of nowhere towels appeared and we were able to dry off. In true Caribbean Island style, the sun came back out and it was almost like nothing had ever happened. The weather is so temperamental but that didn’t dampen the mood although I was soaked on one side.

I invited my Mom KG, my sister Cherelle and my cousin Sheldon to Kastawey Beach Bar and here is what they thought about the overall experience;

“Kastawey is a peaceful, tranquil environment where the people really take the time to take care of your needs, the real Nevisian charm” KG

“Excellent customer service, where all the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. I had a wonderful experience and I would most definitely visit again.” Cherelle

“The staff at Kastawey alongside the breathtaking views, mouthwatering food and delightful cocktails really made my experience all that it could be and more. Kastawey is definitely a must if you are visiting Nevis. ” Sheldon


Prices are very reasonable too and given the size of the portions you don’t actually need to have two courses, result!

Naturally, I will be heading back to Four Seasons next time I am in Nevis so stayed tuned…


Big thanks to Four Seasons Nevis for a lovely lunch and amazing afternoon. Special thanks to Kerry C, Deci, Romeo and Matthew for taking time out to ensure we had everything we needed and for being so accommodating and most of all, service with a smile.  


Love Dom Dominique xx                  




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