Are you even a blogger if you’re not obsessed with marble? I mean marble is crucial for the perfect flat lay right? And if you don’t have that marble phone case with your name or initials on, is it even 2017? Well I’m guilty of the phone case simply because I love anything with my name on but I don’t have the time or skills to pull off the perfect flat lay.

However, I’m glad I waited for this AMAZING co-ord, tracksuit, fashion take on ROAD GIRL from asos before I jumped on the marble bandwagon.





I’m not gonna lie, when I first saw this two-piece (pieces sold separately)  I thought it was so extra, so over priced and just a bit silly, I HAD TO HAVE IT! When it arrived and I tried it on, obviously I loved it straight away, asos White never let me down. It’s a textured co-ord so it’s not really marble printed on a standard cotton tracksuit, it feels like money and it’s super warm so I’ll wear it the next time I’m flying out. 






I adore this tracksuit because I feel like a road girl in a grey trackie but I feel super fashion at the same time. I also love that my ankles get some exposure and can be free. I only wish that I had gone down a size in the top because it’s a bit too oversized but it’s not the end of the world.

I can wear the pieces separately with black, white or denim and when I actually start showing my heels some love again, I can wear the joggers with sexy strappy heels and a nice body top. I can also dress down the bottoms with a cool t-shirt and super bright trainers for summer festivals next year. 



I know I’ll get a few funny looks when I wear this again but obviously if I cared what people thought, I would never have bought something so cool and different. Bravo asos White, taking my money since 2015…

You can see more here.


Let me know what you think, 


Love Dom Dominique xx



Top- asos White

Bottoms- asos White

Earrings- asos

Trainers- Puma at schuh


Photography- Coco Shaw Visuals





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