So after a pretty grim year I decided I needed a major pick me up and I needed a BIG treat, it was time for some GUCCI in my life! Sometimes you just need to treat yourself and think about it later. Of course make sure all the essentials like bills, food, rent etc etc are covered before you go making a crazy purchase like this.


I have a few designer handbags, like literally 2 BG (before Gucci) as I would rather buy holidays and experiences instead of expensive bags. Clearly I still have a thing for mini bags so I went for a super small and cute Gucci mini bag . This bag only holds what I need; my phone, coin purse, keys and lipstick. When I try and put hand gel, hand cream and any other foolishness inside it just doesn’t work out so from now on I will be travelling light. 

I am in love with red at the moment so when I came across this long line hoody I had to have it. Brights just make everything better and make me feel and look good. I’m not a fan of wearing all black all the time, colour and prints please!




The boots of the moment made another appearance, I can’t stop wearing them but they just go with everything. I’m feeling this long top and over the knee boots look right now too… 





Next up it’s the bait Gucci belt of the year… My letter to Santa is in the post… 


Let me know what you think, 

Love Dom Dominique xx




Dress- PrettyLittleThing

Boots- schuh 

Photography- Coco Shaw Visuals



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