We all know how the song goes and now it’s totally ok to be BAD AND BOUJEE, it’s a thing so lets just go with it!

In addition to visiting my favourite clothing sites on a daily basis I use Instagram to shop too. I have a few go-to-fashion girls who have a similar style to mine so I generally like to see what’s new on their pages and in their wardrobes. Most of the time I notice we end up buying the same new pieces, they just shoot them first.  I always add my own little twists on things because it’s not about recreating someone else’s look, it’s about making it your own, it’s a style thing!

Anyway I can’t even remember where I saw the Boujee t-shirt but a few clicks later I ended up on the brand Instagram page and then the website. I quickly made the payment and a few days later it landed on my desk. Online shopping is a dangerous thing, money is spent way too easily, stay safe online people! 




I still do that annoying thing where I order the biggest size because returns and exchanges to small brands is always a bit long winded and annoying especially when the items are not super expensive. I wish I ordered the Medium as the Large is bigger than I expected and a bit too long. I try to avoid white t-shirts because they make my boobs look huge especially t-shirts with a round neck but I made an exception this time because I love this print so much. I mean, BOUJEE, I had to have it right?!




I wore this t-shirt for Sunday lunch with my sister and I have to admit, teaming with my big ass earrings and my favourite summer shoes, I did feel Bad and Boujee. What you wear really does reflect your mood or just give you that extra bit of confidence you need sometimes. I feel like this is an outfit for my next fabulous trip to New York, whenever that might be…  




Let me know what you think


Dom Dominique x



T-shirt- Dakoa

Jeans- M&Co

Earrings- New Look  

Shoes- Topshop

Sunglasses- Celine 


Photography- Coco Shaw Visuals




About The Author
- It’s a Style Thing is all about my style, (see what I did there) my fabulous life and my adventures exploring London City through food, exhibitions and events. There will also be a little bit, ok ALOT of shopping, you will learn very quickly that I have problems so please don’t judge.