As you know I have a thing for ASOS White, check here, here, here and here, I could go on… So it should come as no surprise that I have invested in the AMAZING Fringe Dress! Why wouldn’t I need a dress that moves when I walk, creates so much drama and gets tangled in my jewellery, it’s PERFECT! 



I wore this Fringe Dress to go out for dinner with friends and yes it’s doing the most but we were not born to be basic honey! This Fringe Dress isn’t something I would wear often but it’s made for those special evenings when you need a little boost and a simple little black dress just ain’t cuttin it! 



Although the fringing is a bit much and does get in the way when you’re trying to eat, drink, brush your hair, apply lippy etc this dress really is LIFE! It was made for dancing, being seen and most importantly not standing still. I love when fashion makes you feel free and fabulous, well done ASOS WHITE!!!

ASOS White is one of my favourite brands because I love the aesthetic, the simple colours (not everyday prints) and I love the fit. I do fear my favourite pieces from the collection are a bit on the ‘man repeller’ side because ASOS White so fashion. Clearly this isn’t going to stop me from wearing oversized dramatic pieces, bodycon is just not me!

I teamed the ASOS White Fringe Dress with vintage D&G jewellery because I went through a designer jewels phase when I was about 19-20 years old. I can’t stop wearing my favourite Ashley Williams X Red or Dead boots from schuh, sorry they are super old now. I kinda wanted to keep everything else simple, well my version of simple. To be honest I totally forgot about my D&G collection and think it’s about time I bought it back! 


Let me know your thoughts,

Dom Dominique xx


P.S The dress is now on sale and way more affordable. 




Photography- Coco Shaw Visuals






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