So you know I love a good PRINT and JUMPSUITS are still my faves because they are comfy, loose fitting and they cover up all my wobbly bits, well the ones I wear do. Monki are one of my favourite low key brands, if you know you know! If you don’t know please get to know, it will change your life!

This jumpsuit was one of the first pieces I bought from Monki and I love it so much I wear it all the time.   My new Monki jumpsuit is no exception, I know I am going to wear this loads and loads this year and possibly FOREVER! 




What I like about this particular style of jumpsuit is the print, the white feathers are a nod to florals and give me oriental vibes too. I love that it’s wide leg and has a drawstring so it’s not going to be tight and uncomfortable. The trousers are long culottes so it allows me to flash my ankles, you know I like to get my ankles out. This jumpsuit also fits in with my new found love of pyjama dressing I feel like Monki just get me and my need to be comfortable and fashion at the same time! 




Speaking of flashing the ankles, my amazing Topshop silver mirror ankle boots are way too much excitement for one outfit. These shiny boots are my everything right now and I’m surprised how comfortable they actually are. I love the pointed toe because it shows I mean business but the low heels means I can wear them during the day when I’m rushing around London City. Be prepared to see a lot of these Topshop boots this season and beyond (if I don’t scuff them too much). 



Me being me, I obviously managed to get a bag to match. I am trying to move away from being too matchy matchy but I made an executive fashion decision and decided to go with the silver mirror clutch just to make it look more dressy and create more drama. 



I am going to be a Godmother this weekend so this is the perfect church to party outfit. I won’t be flashing any bits, or adjusting annoying straps or pulling my dress down in church and the boots are definitely perfect for dancing at the after party. This is one of my favourite looks this year, I know it’s only March but still. 




You can shop the look below, with links to buy.  Check out my YouTube Channel for my latest style video.

Let me know what you think, 

Love Dom Dominique xx



Jumpsuit- Monki

Boots- Topshop

Bag- Missguided (sold out) alternative


Photography- Selene Shaw






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