I finally accept the fact that winter is here and it’s time to cover up in my PrettyLittleThing Fliss Parka coat. I’ve never had a Parka before, well not that I remember anyway so this is totally new for me. The fur lined Parka seemed to be a big thing in AW15 and I thought I missed out, but they are still around this season and so much more affordable.  I’m a new PrettyLittleThing shopper and it looks like this is the start of something exciting. The Fliss coat is from the Premium collection and it’s defnitely good quality because it’s heavy and it’s super warm, I won’t even need to wear a jumper with it. 

I couldn’t wait to show off my new MissCo Girl Zig Zag bag. You know I have a thing for bags and shoes right?! This time I am sharing the love because the babes at MISSCOGIRL.COM are offering 10% discount on bags until the end of November if you use my code STYLETHING10 . The Zig Zag bag is from the AW collection and it’s also available in all black. Of course I went for the bold version with the red zig zags because I like to stand out. This bag is a great size because it fits all my bits for wotk and there is a shoulder strap option too. There are so many cool bags at MissCo Girl, it was so hard to choose 1 but I suppose a monthly treat is ok right? You can never have too many handbags… 

I know I’m forever telling you to get involved in something new but this one is a must! My friends, DJ Nikki Beatnik and Statis Beatnik (my favourite DJ’s EVER!!!) have the coolest t-shirts in loads of different colours and other merchandise so get involved!!! My NO REQUESTS t-shirt pretty much sums up my mood most days, NO REQUESTS just let me do me! Sign up at Beatnik TV to stay in the loop and keep up with the coolest DJs in London. 

Even though it’s winter I still wanted to show a bit of leg so I slipped on my old polo neck mini dress, and layered up with my Beatnik tee and I had to wear my all time favourite, my over the knee boots. I feel fabulous everytime I wear these boots, see, not everyday trainers.

I posted this outfit on Instagram and snapchat and so many of you left really nice comments, thank you. It’s really easy to keep warm and look a little bit sexy this winter. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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Dom Dominique xx






T-shirt- Beatnik TV

Boots- exact match schuh alternative schuh 

Charm bracelet- WAH LONDON X ASOS


Photography by Selene Shaw




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