Going to the dentist is never fun and the thought of needing a treatment after a regular checkup scares me even more. I was invited to a launch event at the Smilepod Dentist in Holborn a few months ago and I was pleasantly surprised. Smilepod isn’t like other dentists because if feels more like a spa/ treatment salon. Smilepod is friendly, open on Saturdays and accessible as they have 7 Central London locations all within 5 minutes of Tube stations. Nobody likes taking time off work for a dentist appointment so the weekend option is brilliant.

Smilepod have the coolest treatment names too (Smile on the Run, Smokers Makeover, White Diamond) so it makes it a little bit more exciting, yes excitement at the dentist!  The team at Smilepod offered me a complimentary High Gloss Diamond Polish and I am so glad I had it done.

I booked in at the Canada Place Studio in Canary Wharf and naturally I booked a Saturday afternoon appointment. My friend Dionne booked in too, so we went together. The receptionist was so friendly and talked us through the procedure. I’m a big baby and don’t like any pain but she reassured me that it wouldn’t hurt and she was right.

The procedure lasted 30-45 minutes and I could feel the difference straight away. My teeth felt so much cleaner and I kept running my tongue over them. My mouth was a little numb after as I had to keep my mouth open wide the whole time and my lips were so dry too.

The High Gloss Diamond Polish procedure includes,

  •  An ultra sonic scaler to remove the heavy deposits of calculus (Tatar) with a special tip. The tip vibrates at a high rate and flushes out bacteria and deposits from below the gum with water
  • The tip smoothing out bumps and divots in the surface to prevent further buildup
  • Gentle hand scale removal of any small pieces they have not removed
  • An air flow, a fine jet of calcium carbonate powder smooth, soft & gentle to the tooth. This allows for efficient and faster stain removal
  • The diamond polishing paste with minute particles of diamond for that silky smooth finish for a perfect smile.


It has been a few weeks since my appointment and my teeth still feel clean and still look great. I love my new super shiny smile even more now. I will definitely be going back to Smilepod for another treatment when my teeth need a little extra TLC. Thanks for having me Smilepod!

Let me know if you have had a similar treatment or you have visited a Smilepod studio.


Dom Dominique xx





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  • Nadine Bacchus Garrick

    this looks great, really need to check them out! x

    • It’s a really cool dentist Nadine, I think you’ll like it x