To call The Venetian in Las Vegas simply a hotel is actually an understatement.  The Venetian Hotel is a full on resort with a selection of restaurants, a food court, casino, shopping mall, beach club, nightclub etc etc and they throw in a few fancy hotel rooms too. Honestly, The Venetian is EPIC!!! Of course I looked online before booking but as usual I wanted to be surprised.

We have arrived…

We arrived in a Limo, as you do in Vegas. Pulling up at this fabulous building with beautiful painted artwork in the carpark didn’t even prepare me for what was inside. We stepped into reception to find people everywhere but I was distracted by the exquisite paintings covering the walls and the ceiling with beautiful gold detail. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so amazing at a check in desk.  The chandeliers, the rugs, the marble floors seriously, it was EVERYTHING!!!

Checking-in was painless and quick but the walk to our suite was so long. We had to walk down the super long corridor, past the casino and the food hall and then past the guards who checked our room keys before letting us through our wing, The Venetian is HUGE!!! Those walks back after those nights out required stopping off for pizza and more drinks.


The Attractions…

Las Vegas is non-stop and apart from the retail shops, I don’t think anything closes. Everything is 24/7 and the casino is so serious there is a quiet room for the big ballers. There was a big money Poker tournament taking place during our stay and a few people we met hit the big time, casual. You know your hotel is levels when you can go on a gondola ride inside the Mall section and outside on the strip, I’m not even joking. The Venetian Mall, isn’t just any old shopping centre, it boasts a Tiffany’s and Dior store to name a few, just incase you forget your jewels and your handbag at home.

We made the most of having TAO nightclub and the beach club on site. We went to the club and the pool party and didn’t have to pay to get in, result! The food court was our best friend at 5am and the shops helped towards the end of the trip when we did a little bit of shopping. There were so many cool spots to catch the sun in the pool area too so the tan plan was in full effect.

The Best Spot…

The location is brilliant because The Venetian Hotel is at a really good part of the Las Vegas strip. It’s in good company as Caesars Palace, The Mirage, (home of The Kardashians favourite night spot, 1 OAK nightclub) The Bellagio and The Wynn are all walking distance. We did a lot of hotel hopping because we had to do research for our next visit. There is a huge MAC store less than 5 minutes walk from the reception too, BLISS!!! All the food places and bars you need are either in the hotel or a short walk away so you won’t go hungry.


The Suite Life…

We stayed in the Bella suite in The Venetian and it was STUNNING! I shared the twin suite with Caroline and not only did we have a Queen size bed each; we had twin sinks with gold taps of course, a makeup station, separate bath and shower, lounge area, dining table and a desk incase I wanted to blog. Did I also mention we had 3 TV’s? You need to watch the news when you’re getting ready to turn up right?! The huge bathroom had full length mirrors, perfect for selfies and OOTD posts too, result!

After every hotel stay I question my life choices and why my flat in London is so small? I just never want to leave, look at the epic apartment I had in Dubai and the gorgeous hotel in New York. I’m so thankful for these experiences and this level of luxury even if I do struggle to make my own bed when I get home.

We had a gorgeous pool view as we were on the 9th floor, the pools are awesome and there are few to choose from. The gardens surrounding the pools are really clean and well kept. The view was perfect for watching the sun go down. Well, by the time we got back to the hotel we were watching the sun come up.


The bad bits…

The only negatives about the suite was the size of the closet. I mean, we had two sinks, I thought there would be more space for my clothes and shoes. There were white robes waiting for us (you know I love hotels that offer this) but I had to ask for slippers which I thought was a bit strange, shouldn’t they come with the robes?

I didn’t order room service myself but the others did and they had to wait nearly two hours for a few lemons for their G&T’s and then they were charged $9, MADNESS!

The wifi only seemed to work when I stood right by the window so that was annoying when I was trying to keep you all updated.


Until Next Time…

I would totally recommend The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas and would definitely stay there again. It is ”The Worlds Most Extraordinarily Designed Hotel” after all.  Thanks for having us and helping us make great memories. This was the trip of a lifetime!


If you are thinking of going to Las Vegas book it now and think about it later. Keep me posted so we can share experiences.


Dom Dominique xx









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