As you know I love a good holiday, trip, turn up, vacay whatever you call it, if it involves escaping the rush in London, I am involved.

My most recent trip was to LAS VEGAS (posts coming soon), I finally made it!!! Vegas has always been at the top of my travel list so when my friend Neh, who is also in my It’s a Style Thing Squad, decided it was the destination for her 30th birthday celebrations I couldn’t say no. I’ve been celebrating 30th birthdays for the last year, check out where the Squad have been here and here.

I knew Vegas was going to be AMAZING so the levels had to be changed for this trip. I needed a whole new vibe and I started with my luggage, by now you should know I don’t do basic! It was a good day when I discovered Jurni, the ultimate carry-on case. The team behind Trunki (the children’s suitcase usually animal shaped on wheels) have got the adult version so right. The Jurni carry-on case is the only hand luggage you need because:

  • There are no zips so you won’t struggle to get your iPad and liquids out in the security line, simply push the door release buttons and it opens
  • It has a removable pod at the top which is great for storing your keys, phone charger, passport etc
  • There is a flexible shelf option so it can be packed like a cabinet and you can be super organised
  • The Jurni has inline and pull along wheels so it glides along smoothly
  • It is hand luggage approved so you don’t have to worry about it being too big to carry on the plane
  • You can sit on it….SOLD!!!

On my way to Las Vegas I packed my iPad, some of my heavier sequin pieces, my gold ball shaped clutch bag, gifts for the birthday girl, toiletries to freshen up on that 10 hour flight, my jewellery and a few other bits. I even sat on my Jurni while we were waiting to board and it was easy to get my things out during the flight. This compact piece of luggage has changed my whole travelling experience, it is awesome.  It’s quite funny watching people trying to figure out where the pull along handle is because it’s super sleek and hidden away.

My Jurni travelled in style with Virgin Atlantic from London to Las Vegas, had a limo ride from the airport to The Venetian hotel, wished me luck in the casino (when in Vegas…) and made it back home without a single scratch, skills!!!



The fabulous team at My Jurni are helping me share the love by giving my gorgeous readers the chance to win a Jurni case. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me why you need a Jurni carry-on case in your life. The lucky winner with the best answer will be notified by email and will get to choose what colour they would like. Keep your answers short and sweet, no more than 3 sentences and the competition closes at midnight on 12th August 2016. For full Ts&Cs drop me an email through my contact page.


Good luck,


Dom Dominique xx




About The Author
- It’s a Style Thing is all about my style, (see what I did there) my fabulous life and my adventures exploring London City through food, exhibitions and events. There will also be a little bit, ok ALOT of shopping, you will learn very quickly that I have problems so please don’t judge.
  • Joy


    You look like you had so much fun in Las Vegas ! I travel a lot. Sometimes it’s so hard to pack everything in a suitcase when it’s not compartmentalized. I end up having to carry two suitcases so things don’t burst or spill out on eachother lol, would be great to try out My Jurni !

    • Hi Joy, I had the best time and now I am suffering holiday blues more than a month later! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Emma Blake

    Take me from drab humdrum backpacker to super stylish on fleek diva with My JURNI. I’d love one for my next vacation!

    • Hi Emma, you are far from drab and humdrum! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Sarah S

    I’d love one of these as my ancient suitcase is so old it was designed in a time before wheeled cases were a thing and they all had to be carried everywhere! I love the idea of being able to sit on it too as there’s always a lot of waiting around when travelling.

    • Hi Sarah, babes wheels are needed!!! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Sylvia Wright

    After many years of holidays and various trips away with work or to see family, I’ve never managed to find the perfect luggage so if I could win a Jurni then all my future journeys will be a piece of cake.

    • Hi Sylvia, now you know about Jurni! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Carly Lindsey


    I feel you in regards to wanting to escape the rat race in London! I NEED that gorgeous carry one because 1. I’m finally going on holiday after 4 years and I need to arrive to the Dominican Republic in style and let them know I’ve arrive!
    2. My OCD gets the better of me when packing so to have a carry on that allows me to be organised is style with a zips AND I can sit on it…let the church say amen! 3. Clearly I want to join the it’s a style thing squad and this suitcase could be just the ticket looool
    Take care x


      Your first holiday in 4 years needs to be done in style and being organised will help your OCD. Being able to sit on the case is the way forward!

      Please use the comments section on the blog to send me your Full name, contact telephone number, delivery address and the colour you would like. They are available in pink and black, red and black and blue and black. Check the Jurni website for pics.

      Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing #ItsaStyleThingSquad

      • Carly Lindsey

        YESSSSSSS thank you so much it’s a style thing!! Dominican Republic won’t know want hit it!! I never win anything!! Holiday in style!! Yesssssss

        I love your blog! Wherever you got your sequin bomber jacket and that ball clutch bag…is life!! I will send you a pic of me popping style in the airport!! Xxx thanks again!!!

        • You are so welcome, I LOVED your entry and you defo need to be hitting the Dominican Republic in style. I can’t wait to see your holiday pics and links for all those items will be on the blog soon. Thanks for stopping by and congrats again xx

  • Simone Herbert

    Reasons I need a My Jurni:

    1. Travelling in style (and with ease) is a basic human right. Biggie’s lyric “to all the ladies in the place with style and grace” is clearly a nod to that!!!

    2. My daughter has a Trunki, I need to up my style game for us to be #twinning when we travel. #ItsAGenerationalStyleThing

    3. Being able to sit on luggage should not be restricted by age. I’m getting older, I need my own seat, everywhere!

    • Hi Simone, I love this entry so much lol. You don’t look a day over 21 to me! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • I’m too poor to go on a holiday but at least if I win I can practice packing and unpacking My Jurni so that when I finally get to fly out I will be ready like Freddie! Also did I mention that pink is my fave colour?

    • Hi Lee-Anne, PINK really is the best colour. I hope you manage to have an amazing holiday soon. Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • rebecca beesley

    I bought a Jurni and my nearly teenage son pinched it for himself as he thought it was so cool! So I want one of my own!!!

    • Hi Rebecca, you need to have words with your son!!! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Cimonè

    I wanna be, I wanna be like Dooooom… Pow!!!

    • Powwwwwww!!!! Honey you are on fleek all day everyday. Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Boutique Travel Blog

    I travel a lot and need a travel companion. A Jurni would be perfect for the job as it can carry all my things, follow me around everywhere like a faithful puppy, it will never disagree with me, whine or answer back AND I can sit on it when I’m tired. Now what other travel companion can do all that!

    • Hello, I like the idea of no answering back! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Neha

    Everybody has many suitcases and bags but there is something about a suitcase which you have won! It’s like it has a winning memory badge attached to it always.
    If I win it, which I desperately want to, I’ll carry the lovely compact & stylish Jurni for all my journeys always remembering the person & competition I’ve won it from.
    Thankyou for the chance lovely.

    • Hi Neha, winning is amazing but taking part is cool too. Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Linda Beesley

    As an old age traveller a Jurni would help me be better organised and give me a seat when the metal knee complains too much.

    • Hi Linda, I hope the knees get better. Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Aminah Michelle

    An amazing JURNI will suit the lifestyle I’m creating. On the way up is a JURNI. I’m learning and growing on my JURNI. Owning my own JURNI is strength and now can be stylish! It’s my birthday on Monday and I’ll be a fabulous 33, I’m Forever grateful for another year (@AminahMichelle7 Instagram)

    • Hi Aminah, keep going, your journey is amazing! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Lucy Charlotte Graudus

    I love travelling and Jurni would definitely make the experience easier – especially as I’m off to Brazil again this October and Taiwan and New York next year for my own 30th! ❤️

    • Wow Lucy you really are a jet setter! NYC is the perfect place to spend your 30th birthday! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Prerna Gupta

    I would love to win as my husband travel frequently for his job, his shirts and other stuff get mixed up in normal suitcases! I love the fact that jurni has seperate compartments to keep the stuff seperated and his shirts can finally stay ironed! Fingers crossed!

    • Hi Prerna, this sounds like a packing nightmare! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Chloe Pierre

    I need one desperately becuase despite being a frequent traveller I do not actually own my own carry on case! Its always a constant struggle to find the perfect case which caters for the modern traveller and I always end up fighting my boyfriend to use his! Very difficult when you both are travelling at the same time! Also I always needed a carry on that I could rest my head and sleep on… Delays & stop overs are a nightmare! Xxx

    • Hi Chloe, your boyfriend should just give you his case! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Rio Forbes

    I love to travel so the Jurni would be perfect. Plus Im off to South Africa in November so this compact hand luggage would come in handy for storing all the neccesities for my 19 hour journey!

    • South Africa sounds awesome Rio, not too sure about the 19 hour journey though. Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Paige

    An organised case for an organised woman!! My life would be complete!

    • Being organised feels so good Paige. Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Alexandria Parchment

    Ohhh I literally need this jurni case in my life!! The pod compartment saves me having to bring a case and a handbag with me on my travels as I like to keep travel documents, keys etc safe and separate… Result!! Love, love, love that you can sit on it as seating at airports can be very limited and scattered during holiday season (which is the only time I can travel *sigh*), thus I allow my little ones to sit first, so the jurni will give me the freedom to sit right under their feet 🙂

    • Make the children stand up Alexandria, lol. Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Max Fleming

    I would like to win the Jurni case because life is a jurni (journey) and that’s exactly what I want to do…..LIVE…with a lovely stylish carry on in tow!

    • It definitely is Max, thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Natasha

    I would love a JURNI case, you would be mad not to. Best invention ever! Simple and compact. Absolutely perfect. Makes Life that little bit easier.

    • It really is Natasha, Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Leanne Bayley

    I totally need this in my life because a) it’s pink, b) it’s genius, c) it saves time and d) did I say pink already? LOVE!

    • Pink Power Leanne!!! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Fliss Isfelicia

    I need the JURNI case in my life because it’s the perfect excuse for me to start travelling again but this time in STYLE. How fly would I look? We could be JURNI sisters! Gimme gimme gimme!!! Please.

    • Dust off that passport Fliss! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Sarah JNY

    I would love to win a Jurni case, so we can roll around the airport like…

    “For all those cases getting crammed on airlines flying East to West, if you see ‘em in the airports give ‘em My Jurni’s best. Why? They mad they ain’t Jurni level famous and they just mad they’re still nameless.”

    My Jurni and I will jet-set everywhere together and I’ll love my Jurni more than Kanye loves Kanye (not in no creepy way though haha, just like the ultimate travel squad goals type of way)!

    • Sarah, I love Jurni levels! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Simz

    I need a Jurni case as its slick, stylish, compact and pink!!! Perfect for my business trips, who doesn’t like travelling in style!!!

    • Pink on a business trip would be amazing Simi! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Cidonye J DH

    5 reasons to describe it and why I need it in my life:

    All aboard #WishYouWereHere #ItsAStyleThing

    • Cidonye, I love the word Niffy! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Leelee

    I need this in order to make my HONEYMOON even more epic. What more does a new wife need than a fab case to take her on her married travels. Might even bring back a honeymoon surprise. 😀

    • Hi Leelee, congrats on the wedding and being a newly-wed! Enjoy the honeymoon and thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Dionne M

    Of course I need a Jurni in my life, I mean how else am I going to travel in style to my future holiday’s!!??!
    #myjurni #myjurni #myjurni #myjurni

    • Travelling in style is the way forward Dionne! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Honey you are nowhere near basic! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Hi Corinne, hope the honeymoon is amazing! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Teach me Vida Amour, you’re the fabulous one! I would forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on. Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Hi Kayleigh, oh no you should ask Nan to buy you a shiny new case. Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Hi Ashleigh, a nice getaway for your 30th would be awesome! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Too right Leoni, Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • It’s so stylish and compact Chey, thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • JAMES!!! I actually laughed out loud when I read this! I think the racing children part got me but safety first and all that. Co-ordinated swag it a style thing honey! Thanks for visiting the blog and entering xx #ItsaStyleThing

  • Jenica Leah

    I hope im not too late because I NEED a Jurni case in my life! I seriously clock up more air miles than road miles and since convenience and style is my No1 necessity for travelling, this is the #T.T.P (Usher 8701 album) lol

    • Sorry doll, you just missed the deadline by 1 day. Thanks for visiting the blog though xx

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