I think we all know, I have a thing for bomber jackets! If you are completely unaware of my favourite thing right now take a look here.

So this particular bomber jacket is very special to me because it’s bright, it’s ombre and it’s covered in sequins, do I need to go on? My love of sequins started last year when I bought a pair of embellished jeans and the rest is history and hanging in my wardrobe! I have A LOT of sequins for my Vegas trip next month so stay tuned for more.

I wanted to save this particular bomber jacket for a special occasion and to be honest it’s so loud I just had no idea where I was going to wear it. Then I just thought, pop off the price tag and lets get it on! I decided to wear it with all black because it’s such a statement peice it deserves all the attention.

I teamed this ombre trophy jacket with a pencil skirt, so heels were a must and the fun t-shirt kept it casual. I am re-living my teenage years by stocking up on chokers at the moment, they are  everywhere and I am a big fan of the double necklace too.


This is a very different look for me, on a daily basis you’ll find me wearing some form of denim and trainers or an oversized jumpsuit when I want to look smart. I am all about trying new things and mixing it up right now.

What do you think? Too much or just right?

Love Dom Dominique xx





Bomber Jacket- Topshop

T-shirt- Adolescent Clothing

Skirt- asos

Shoes- Aldo

Necklace- My Name Necklace

Choker- asos


Photography by Selene Shaw




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