Summer is coming and that means we start wearing less layers and we get our legs and arms out. As much as I don’t like the top of my arms I can’t keep them locked away especially when the suns out and it’s too warm for jumpers and shirts.

Over the last week I have been out and about quite a lot and I have had that annoying “what should I wear?” dilemma every morning. I have had to shave my underarms (why do they grow back so fast??) more than normal because I don’t want to be restricted by the state of my pits. Honestly, it just makes everything longer when you have to cover up when you haven’t shaved.

Luckily I have started using The Dove Original Anti-perspirant range with 1/4 moisturising cream so my underarms are not dry, irritated and I’m more confident to show them off. Dove repairs the damage shaving creates, did you know you lose up to 36% of your own skin every time you shave? Now I use Dove everyday, my underarms are taken care off and it smells so fresh and clean too, bonus!

If I’m at work going through rails of clothes, presenting in meetings, having my photo taken at events or simply partying on the weekend, thanks to Dove I feel confident knowing I can free my arms and wave them about like I just don’t care.

Try Dove and free your arms too, see how great you’ll start to feel this summer. Try and opt for natural but soft fibres when getting dressed to stop any irritation to your underarms.


Love Dom Dominique xx




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