I don’t even think this post is going to do this hotel experience justice. Trust me when I say the Dubai Marriot Harbour Hotel at the Marina is EPIC!!!

I was joined by five lovely ladies from my It’s a Style Thing squad, for five fabulous days in Dubai to celebrate my 30th Birthday, yes I am 30!!! You can see our adventure by searching #ItsastylethingDubai on Twitter and Instagram.

We travelled through the night on a Virgin Atlantic flight so we landed in Dubai just after 10am on Saturday morning. Check-in at The Marriot is from 2pm but luckily the staff worked super hard to get us into our suite as quickly as possible.

I’m not going to do my usual scoring for this hotel because it gets full marks without a doubt. Even though I chose the hotel, looked at photo’s and read reviews I had totally forgotten what it looked like when we arrived. I looked at so many different options at the time of booking. This hotel is not just bedrooms and suites of course there are a few restaurants, an outdoor pool, a bar 50+ stories high and a luxury spa and gym.

The Suite

We had a 3 bedroom suite on the 45th floor with a breathtaking view of the Palm Jumeirah and the famous Atlantis in the distance. Not only that but all the bedrooms were en-suite, in addition there was another toilet, separate toilet and shower, utilities room including a washer dryer combo and an ironing board. The kitchen was huge, there two balconies and a massive dining room and lounge about the size of my flat in London. The décor was modern and sophisticated, I actually felt like/ wished I lived there, it was incredible. It was class and luxury all the way including a turndown service because who really wants to draw their own curtains. This was a complete shock to me, do people really live like this? I mean the white robes and slippers are usually all I need but this was insane and I loved it!




The Food


We didn’t have breakfast included but we made the most of room service pretty much everyday. The breakfast was crazy; it was massive but for about £20 you would expect to feel full right?! Throughout the stay I ordered everything from an American breakfast (enough to feed the 5000), to the club sandwich to a simpler salmon and veg for dinner. Dubai is a Muslim country so there wasn’t any pork bacon insight which was good because I am trying not to eat it anymore. Instead I had veal bacon and veal sausages at breakfast and it was surprisingly really nice. The menu is time sensitive, a set menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner but they did make a few exceptions for us. The menu includes, Lebanese, American, Continental and British cuisine so there is something for everyone.

Everything was laid out for us whether we were sitting inside at the table or outside on the balcony, nothing was too much trouble. I’ve ordered room service in other hotels but none of them have been as good as the Marriot Harbour Hotel, Dubai. It was always fresh from the hotel restaurant and still hot by the time it arrived on the 45th floor.






Saray Spa

This trip was all about being a lady of leisure and luxury so a visit to the spa was compulsory. I booked myself in for a deep tissue full body massage which worked out to be around £62. I got up super early, well my appointment was at 10am and honestly if I could start my day, week, month like this all the time I really would. I was greeted with cold fruit juice and dates while I completed my health check form.

The massage was one of the best I’ve ever had because the knots in my back were so bad. This was the best hour for my body, I felt loose, relaxed and I smelt great afterwards, the scented oils were lovely. After the treatment the therapist suggested I relax with a pot of honey and green tea so I did, it’s a hard life.

I felt like I was in the best hands and I would totally recommend this spa even if you don’t stay in the hotel. I didn’t use the gym as I was prepared but I did have a good old gossip in the jacuzzi with my It’s a Style Thing squad, priceless!

Special thanks to Dawn at Your Holiday Needs who booked our flights, hotel, transfers and excursions.



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