As you know I have  thing for Freya lingerie, swimwear and just everything Freya basically! As soon as we landed in Dubai, unpacked and showered of course we decided to head to the beach and enjoy the sunshine.

I thought I would start with my jungle print bikini and throw on my white side split dress. I didn’t know how glamourous the vibe would be on the beach so stacked up on my gold and silver bangles, put on my super shiny gold sandals and Miu Miu shades make everything look expensive. I really liked my first beach day look as the cover up made it almost suitable if we stayed out all night. 

Unfortunately we arrived at Nasimi beach less than an hour before the end of brunch so it was pointless hiring a few sun loungers when the sun was going down and it was getting cooler.

We had a lovely round of cocktails and a two course early dinner at the Nasimi beach restaurant instead. I had the yummiest chicken wings to start and had salmon pasta to finish. It was amazing and I could have eaten it twice over I was so hungry from all the travelling.

The service was ok although they brought out the main courses before we had finished which really annoys me when the mains are hot and I am not in a rush.

Next time we will get to the beach a lot earlier to make the most of the all day brunch packages at the Atlantis.

Let me know what you think

Dom Dominique xx


Bikini- Freya

Dress- Freya

Bangles- Coco and Cleo

Bag- asos

Sandals- River Island



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