I’m that person who likes to do excursions and day trips on holiday. The city tour bus guides, jeep safaris, boat trips you name it I’ll do it! Obviously I had to go to the desert in Dubai right?!

Our amazing travel agent Dawn at Your Holiday Needs, gave us a list of all the best excursions and activities in Dubai. I really wanted to do this activity so Dawn booked us on to the Dune Bashing Desert Safari experience with Alpha Tours.

The Alpha Tours driver collected us from our hotel at 3:30pm in his safari jeep along with two other passengers. We made the hour long journey out to the desert and I now appreciate how great it is to drive on smooth roads.    

We stopped off at a tourist shop to get our heads and faces wrapped up in a Keffiyeh to protect us from the sand. This was a great help later on, although it did get really hot underneath it.

If you go Dune Bashing please take my advice and don’t sit in the back of the jeep, sit in the front or middle seats if you can and don’t have a massive lunch before either. To say I felt sick is an understatement, I think my skin actually changed colour I felt so ill. Luckily I didn’t actually throw up and the driver felt sorry for me and took it a little easier after I told him I felt unwell.

Apart from feeling awful I actually really enjoyed the experience. I liked feeling the sand between my toes, the big open space and of course I got some great pics.

After literally bashing the sand dunes and stopping for photos a few times we made our way to camp in the middle of the desert. There were small souvenir huts, camel rides and a lady doing henna art. I was more interested in the food of course, clearly I don’t learn! We had a falafel wrap to start with and were first in-line for the buffet afterwards. There was a selection of different salads, chicken, lamb kebabs, roasted vegetables and a few rice options. I filled my plate because obviously feeling ill is hungry work! The food was prepared so well and there was a great variety, I really enjoyed it all.

The evening entertainment was a belly dancer show, I think they should have had a few belly dancers and a male dancer wearing traditional attire that turned into a light up skirt. It was all a bit random but fun nonetheless.

I was surprised at how quickly it got dark and chilly so the Keffiyeh scarf came in handy when I had to wrap it around my shoulders to keep warm.

This was a fabulous experience with my It’s a Style Thing squad and I can finally say I have been in the desert in fabulous Dubai, naturally.

Big thanks to Dawn at Your Travel Needs and Alpha Tours for taking the best care of us.

Let me know what you think or if you have had a similar experience

Dom Dominique xx



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