I have decided my 2016 starts now, yes we are in February and yes I missed a whole month but that was my choice.

January started off amazing because I was in St Kitts and I was relaxed and totally zen. The sun was shining, I didn’t have to wear layers and I was eating the best food, read all about it here.  Then reality hit on my first day back to work in a gloomy miserable London city. Don’t get me wrong in these unpredictable times I am grateful to have a job and my health etc. I just can’t help thinking there has to be more to life than being squashed bum to bum with strangers on a packed train 5 days a week.

I have honestly considered running back to the sun and immigrating permanently but as much as that would be the dream it can’t happen right now. I have way more to do before I can put my feet up and relax.

So while I am on this journey of deciding what’s next, where I want to go and what I want to achieve I am going to count my blessings and think positive. They say you get what you put out to the Universe so only positive thoughts from now on.

For the last two years I have kept a blessings jar on my desk and it really helps me. I can’t take the credit for this idea as I saw this on Karen Civil’s Instagram page a few years ago. Basically you get a jar, decorate it anyway you like and every time something good happens you write it down and put the note inside the jar. It could be a random act of kindness, passing a test, promotion at work, holidays, fun experiences, friends achievements just whatever made you smile or made you happy. At the end of the year or whenever you feel a bit a down you read and literally count all of your blessings to remind yourself that life isn’t all bad. Then you start all over again…

If you have any tips on staying positive leave a comment and let me know.

Happy New Year





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