I love going out to eat especially when I am on holiday. I was excited to try the restaurants in St Kitts because I knew the food would be so good. At the moment I am all about trying different types of fish and my food choices below show that.



Sunset Café at Timothy Beach Resort, Frigate Bay

My first dining experience was an after church treat from the main man himself, my grandad. We didn’t have time for breakfast before church so you can imagine how hungry we were after the Christmas service. He took me to one his favourite spots; my grandad is very selective about where he eats so if he says the food is good I trust him.

It was my first full day in St Kitts so the drive down to Frigate Bay from the country was so interesting and scenic. This island has some really beautiful views, it’s like a postcard.

We went to the Sunset Café at Timothy Beach Resort in Frigate Bay and it really was a great choice. It was a bit strange seeing a Christmas tree on the beach in the blazing heat but I guess this is what Christmas in the sun is all about. The café bar was lovely and clean and the staff greeted us with a smile. We both had traditional salt fish with johnny cakes, boiled eggs, fruit and salad and it was amazing. It was presented nicely, had a lovely fresh taste, was not greasy and after I finished in about 2 minutes flat I wanted to eat it again. It was reasonably priced too which is a bonus.

The food was great, the service was perfect and being right by the beach isn’t bad at all.

Sunset Café is 100% It’s a Style Thing Approved. I ended up going back there for cocktails and they were just as good.





Ballahoo, Basseterre

Ballahoo is right in the centre of town and boy do you know it when it’s carnival time. It’s just off the busy street and up a few flights of stairs so you have a really cool view of the clock in Basseterre, everybody going about their business and you can hear everything.

We (me and my grandad again) arrived before the dinner service started at 6pm so we had a few drinks at the bar before being seated. This is the kind of restaurant with thick white table cloths where the wait staff place your napkin on your lap, very fancy.

We didn’t have starters as we were not majorly hungry this time. They did bring over a complimentary bread basket with the freshest, nicest bread I think I have ever had. The chef bakes the bread on the premise so it was still warm and the butter just melted on it, amazing!

I had the Grouper fish (caught that day) with garlic mash potato and vegetables and I’m not even exaggerating when I say this but it was the best mash potato I have ever tasted. If I was at home I probably would have licked the plate or had seconds. The sauce was beautiful, it wasn’t too overpowering just perfect, I just couldn’t get enough.

Grandad had the prawn skewers with mash and veg too and he said it was delicious. He actually went back on New Years Day to try another dish he was so impressed. I was full and content after my main course but Grandad had ice cream to finish.

The staff were very attentive and friendly and the food was exquisite. If I had more time in St Kitts I would have gone to Ballahoo for breakfast, lunch and dinner again. I would have dressed up too as it’s a really nice treat in the evening. You pay for the quality, prices range from about £20-35 for main course. I suggest booking beforehand because it’s very popular especially when the cruise ships come in and they close after lunch until dinner time so check before you go.

Obviously Ballahoo is 100% It’s a Style Thing Approved





Sweet Cane, Port Zante

After a day of siteseeing we were very hot and really hungry so food was needed quickly. We attempted to go to Ballahoo again but we had just missed the lunch service and we were a few hours early for dinner service so they recommend Sweet Cane.

Sweet Cane is hard to find if you have no idea where you are going because its really hidden away at the back of Port Zante. We asked a few people where to find it and they gave us directions and they all said the food was really good.

It had a laid back vibe with big TV screens that were showing a football match. There were a few locals and 1 or 2 groups of tourists inside. On this occasion there was three of us and we were seated quickly. After a long day in the sun cocktails were a must and luckily they had an offer on, my kind of place. I can’t remember the name of my cocktail but it was nice, cold and so strong, again my kinda place.

There was so much to choose from I was slightly overwhelmed so I went for the grouper fish again but this time it was grilled with seasoned rice and salad. It was nice to try the grouper cooked in a different way and it was just as tasty and fresh.

Sweet Cane was ok but not my first choice because the staff were not particularly friendly and they gave us the bill before we asked for it which I find very rude. We hadn’t even been offered desert so I asked for the desert menu and sent the bill back. The food was nice and the cocktails were so good but I’d only suggest this bar if you were passing by and hungry. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go there again.





Rock Lobster, Frigate Bay

My final night in St Kitts called for a big dinner in the tourist area of Frigate Bay. There is a row of restaurants with food from around the world but my friend who lives in St Kitts decided on Rock Lobster. We arrived just before the dinner rush so we had a choice of tables and the staff couldn’t help us enough. My chair was pulled out for me and my napkin placed on my lap, you know I like this kind of restaurant.

Clearly I was on a mission to eat all the seafood on the island and I think I did good. I didn’t want to waste precious space with a starter because my friend told me the portions were big and he wasn’t lying.  I couldn’t decide between the salmon and the muscles so he had muscles, (I had loads of his) and I ordered the salmon and we had fries to share which we didn’t really need given how big the mains were. The salmon was served with vegetables and a large potato croquette in an amazing creamy sauce. The only disappointment was the salmon was too crispy on the top, I think it was a little overcooked but I still ate it all. The muscles were excellent and the sauce was perfection, I loved it and ate too many considering it wasn’t my main.

I washed it all down with a large super strong rum cocktail and once again I didn’t have space for desert but I bet they are equally as good.

The service was brilliant, the food was nice and I would definitely go there again. Rock Lobster is 100% It’s a Style Thing Approved.





If you have been to any other good restaurants in St Kitts let me know so I can try them next time.

Dom Dominique xx



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  • I love Rock Lobster. The food is great and the service is excellent, they have some really friendly staff who are very welcoming. I had the lobster for my main and it was huge, I had to take it home. We had a cold cucumber soup starter which came with fresh bread.

    I also like Ballyhoo, I actually remember it from when I was younger and glad its still going. They do a good roti.

    • I think I’ll be brave and try the lobster at Rock Lobster next time. I really liked the staff there too, just so friendly, it’s a shame it’s not the same everywhere in St Kitts. My cousin is the manager at Ballahoo so it’s always on my list of places to eat, even my Grandad loves the food there. Now I feel hungry…