For those who follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat you will know that I spent Christmas and New Year in the Caribbean on a tiny island called St Kitts (of St Kitts and Nevis). I honestly had the time of my life and was so sad when it was time to leave. I will go into more detail in separate posts because I have so much to show and tell you about the beautiful place where my grandparents were born.

Of course I have to look on point and feel comfortable when I am flying. My friend Elisha Francis hooked me up big time with one of her QUEEN sweatshirts. I ordered it a few days before I was leaving and asked her if there was any chance she could get it to me super quick and she did, I love her!

I love good luggage so last year I invested in a set of three fuchsia pink Tripp Luggage suitcases. I think it’s the best investment I have made. I took the largest case but instead of taking the smallest case for hand luggage I took my favourite Mi Pac gold duffle bag instead. The Duffle bag is just quicker and easier to get into especially when you have to take your laptop and all your liquids out at security in the airport.

Clearly I had a whole black and gold thing going on so my slides (for when I stepped off the plane into the heat) had to compliment my bag and my sweatshirt. They are from Slydes Co and they are super light and really comfy. I love them so much I got the silver pair too, you know how I do.

Fun passport cases are the way forward, nobody wants to see a picture of your basic passport, you have to give it some character, thank you asos.

Big shout out to British Airways for taking the best care or me and getting me there and back safely.

Dom Dominique xx


Queen Sweatshirt: Elisha Francis

Trainers: Reebok at schuh

Sunglasses: Celine

Suitcase: Tripp Luggage

Duffle Bag: Mi Pac

Slides: Slydes Co at asos

Passport cover: asos



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