The lovely people at Bahoma London invited me to try an item from the luxurious Spirit of Christmas collection. I haven’t really been in the mood for Christmas this year but this little delivery changed everything.

Picture this, the Christmas tree is up, the fairy lights are on and when you light the red Spirit of Christmas Classic Candle the flat almost instantly smells of cinnamon, spiced orange peel and blueberry.  The Sprit of Christmas is the perfect name for this scent because it’s so festive. My flat feels and smells so Christmassy and even after the candle has been blown out you can still smell it hours later. It’s like I have sprayed lovely perfume in every room, I love it.

The Bahoma London selection make the best gifts because the packaging looks so expensive and classic, the fragrance is amazing and you can tell it’s not a basic candle. The delivery was so quick too, which is a bonus at this time of year.

For more details, click here.

Thank you Bahoma London, my flat smells awesome and I am feeling very festive now.

Dom Dominique xx



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