What- Birdies Crazy Golf Club Launch

When- Tuesday 10th November 2015

Where- Birdies Golf Club, Waterloo SE1

One of the reasons I love living in London is the fact that there is always something fabulous happening. From restaurant openings and club nights to pop up shops and now a new underground crazy golf club.

I jumped at the chance to go to the launch of Birdies, especially when I saw it was part of the Roof Top Cinema and Underground Cinema group.

I took a few friends and bloggers to see what an indoor crazy golf course under Waterloo station really looks like.  It was better than I expected and the best part is you won’t find it unless you specifically go looking for it. It’s like you’ve found this amazing place that nobody knows about.

As it was launch night and I am super special (just let me think I am a VIP) the bar was totally free, and the food just kept on coming. We drank Prosecco fuelled cocktails and ate chicken and stuffing burgers by Hixter. I may have had a massive hotdog topped with warm cheese from Rockadollar too but we won’t talk about how I devoured it in record time.

We played a round of crazy golf and sadly I came last, I blame the Prosseco, don’t drink and golf kids. The course starts off pretty simple and I thought oh yeah I’ve got this, until we got to the 4th hole and I had to get the ball in an uphill hole, it was pretty much game over from that point on. Next time I’ll golf first, obviously win and then treat myself to a celebratory drink or two.

After the golf came more cocktails made by mixology masters, Spirited Mixers. My super tall cocktail was actually on fire, it was awesome! This was the launch night that just kept on giving because we went through to the Underground Cinema to cosy up with headphones on, cocktails in hand and way too much popcorn and sweets. The film of the night was Tangerine, it’s an interesting one and has just hit cinemas but you know being VIP’s we got an early preview.

This was the best night I have had in forever! Thank you Birdies, you are 100% It’s a Style Thing approved and you will be seeing me again soon. Birdies is great for an evening with friends, a fun date or small celebrations.

For more info and to book click here.

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Dom Dominique x




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