Although I am not a vegan when I was invited to Veg Fest, I jumped at the chance to go. I am all for being healthy and learning more about the food we eat, even if it’s not always what you want to hear. I feel like the foods that taste so good are always so bad for you, why are we being punished?

I took a a few health conscious friends with me and to be totally honest I was slightly overwhelmed once we arrived at Veg Fest at Olympia Central in London.  There were over 200 stalls, loads of people and so much going on. I’ve never been to a food festival before so I didn’t know what to expect. As food, diet and healthy eating become more of a thing I expect more and more food events will pop up.

We decided to tackle the festival by going up and down each and every aisle so we didn’t miss anything. The first stop was Ankh Rah who introduced me to Moringa, a natural “miracle” tree. This plant has so many uses and benefits including boosting energy, improving digestion, skin, eyesight and overall well-being. I tried a Moringa seed and it was disgusting so clearly it must work right?  There were a few Moringa traders but I ended up buying the seeds and a bar of soap from Eat Moringa. A few of the girls in the group had heard about Moringa as their parents/ grandparents swear by it, so I thought I should give it a go.

Throughout the afternoon we came across everything from Vegan chocolate (I didn’t like this), vegan makeup, exciting cooking instruments and various smoothies. I tried so many different foods and healthy shots, I was really proud of myself. The majority of the stalls had free samples which is always good if you want to try something new. In my opinion some of the food, especially the cakes were quite expensive. Stalls were selling cupcakes/ muffins for £3-4 each and of course these were vendors that didn’t have samples. There was a very popular caterer selling huge wraps and curries, it all looked and smelt amazing but the queue was ridiculously long and I didn’t fancy waiting for an hour to try it.

On the second floor (yes there were two floors) I spotted Vegan shoes and clothes, live entertainment and a cinema, screening informative films and documentaries.

Overall I actually learned something and would consider a vegan lifestyle. I think if I did decide to take that step I would have to start off slowly by phasing out one or two things at a time and introducing subtle changes bit by bit. I’ll keep you posted….

You can find out more and check out the next event on the Veg Fest site.

If you are a vegan please feel free to leave me a few tips.


Dom Dominique xx



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