Due to other work commitments and not being organised enough to book time off, I only managed to do the weekend at London fashion Week. Next season I plan to go in! Anyway, day 2 on the Sunday was just as fun as day 1 but a lot more hectic.

I met Afua (my fashion week sistah) at the BFC Show Space aka Brewer Street Car Park. The street should have been blocked off because there were people everywhere getting in the way of the cars. The area was buzzing with fun fashion, great style and of course totally random stuff. I think my sparkly jeans and pom pom shoes were a hit because I had my picture taken so many times, check the outfit here.

After doing a few street style pics we rushed off to the Charli Cohen show at Six 3 Nine gym. I love this designer because her collections are ace, she makes me want to get a fit body like her models and she posed for a selfie with me after the show. You read my show review here.

Then it was back to the Grand Connaught Rooms for a designer showcase including Hellavagirl and Victor Wong. Hellavagirl was very dark and mysterious with gothic dresses with serious headpieces. There was a lot of sparkle too which is usually my thing but this time it was more art than, I am so wearing that next season.

Victor Wong showcased his super cool sunglasses and the models danced down the catwalk. It was really fun and the male models were super hott too, bonus!

I know you must be wondering where the Prosecco comes into the day, well fear not, we had lunch at the Strada across the road and alcohol was consumed.

After stuffing our faces and talking for way too long we raced across town in an Uber only to miss half of the Ethologie show which took place in a carpet shop. I was disappointed because this is always a great show and I couldn’t see a thing from where we were stood after arriving so late.

I had the best time at London Fashion Week and every season I learn more and more.

Until next season….

Dom Dominique xx

P.S please excuse some of the super grainy pics x



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