Fashion week is the perfect time to hit the streets and get style inspiration. Bloggers, editors, stylists and designers use street style more and more to influence collections, plan outfits, create blog content and discover new trends. Now more than ever magazines feature street style on a regular basis in place of standard fashion pages.

Some people attending fashion week (or just lurking outside the shows) plan their outfits months in advance and even work with stylists to make sure they are looking their very best for the biggest event in the fashion calendar.

Many people (myself included) like to look like they are fashion without trying too hard. Then there are the people who go all out and wear costumes with headpieces and all the trimmings. I say, do whatever makes you happy, if dressing up in a rubber suit is your kind of fashion just go for it honey.

After experiencing fashion week for the first time last season I was amazed at how many people just want to take your picture. At Somerset House I hadn’t even made it to the courtyard and I had been asked for photos 3 or 4 times. It’s like being a minor celebrity, I kinda loved it. Some of the more hardcore photographers will just take your picture without asking which is kinda weird as you could end up god knows where but hey its fashion darrrling!

This season I found there were more bloggers asking to take photos of my outfit but I put it down to the pom-poms on my shoes, the sequins covering my jeans and the huge gold bamboo earring printed on my sweatshirt, there was a lot going on but it just worked.

I wanted to make a huge gallery of street style images but because I was so behind schedule with London traffic ruining lives I only had time to do a few pics. next season I will do better.

Dom Dominique xx



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