I am one of those women who just loves being pampered, fact of life! Although I don’t enjoy sitting for hours having my braids done, or almost crying in pain when my eyebrows are waxed I love having my nails done. Manicures are pain free, feel great and don’t take forever, perfect.

I am taking a break from gel polish on my nails but painting them weekly is starting to get annoying already. Over the last few weeks I have been super lazy and have had them done at the salon. In preparation for London Fashion Week, I decided to pull out the big guns a take a trip to Cowshed.

I went to the Soho spa and honestly, I imagine this is what being pampered in heaven must be like. They have their best Cowshed candles burning, you know the expensive kind where the fragrance lasts for ages after you’ve blown it out? The water is in big jugs with fresh cucumber and lemon (not in the same jar) on a massive table where you can sit and hang out reading their fashion and art books, perfection! I was offered water, tea (they have an extensive herbal selection), coffee or champagne. I should have just been super fancy and had a glass of champagne but I was on my own so it would have been a bit sad drinking alone.

Instead of sitting at a nail station where the chair doesn’t quite fit under the table, at Cowshed you sit in large white armchairs and the beauty therapist rests a huge pillow on your lap and sits on a stool at your feet and gets started. The chairs are so comfortable I admit it, I did nearly fall asleep a few times. I considered either, taking the chair home with me or just moving into Cowshed, I’m still undecided.

I normally go for neons or bold brights but as it’s September and officially Autumn, I decided to let go of the summer colours and try something dark and seasonal. I went for the Essie Stylenomics which is a green/ grey but looks black in different light. I love it and would definitely have this colour again so I’ll buy it the next time I’m in Boots.

I felt so ready for LFW when my nails where fresh and super shiny.

Thank you Cowshed, I will be back again soon.

Let me know what you think about the colour or if you try Cowshed for yourself.

Dom Dominique xx





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