I feel like I am going through a gold phase at the moment. I mean, I like a bit of ghetto gold here and there but in the last week I have ordered customised bamboo hoop earrings, bought my amazing gold Reeboks and now I have glammed up my iPhone thanks to Futurocks.

I love a good novelty iPhone case as much as the next person, the Moschino cases were awesome a few seasons ago but now I’m all about the liquid glitter cases. It sounds really basic but I love shaking the phone and just watching the glitter fall. Of course I couldn’t just stop at a new case, I got the super thin glass mirror protective front and back cover too. My iPhone is super shiny, sparkly, gold and I can do my lipstick in the the reflection, result.

I really like ordering from Futurocks because it’s free delivery and they always send the items super quick.

My photographs really don’t do the case any justice so take a look online here.

Let me know what you think.

Dom Dominique x



Mirror front and back cover- Futurocks

Liquid glitter case- Futurocks




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