What: Converse Chuck II UK Launch Party

When: 27th July 2015

Where: Victoria House, Southampton Row, WC1B

I really do get to attend some really fun events, but I have to say this has been one of my favourites so far. The superstar that is Snoochie Shy sent me a cryptic message inviting me to an event she was hosting with Converse and I couldn’t say no. After I handed over my email address and shoe size I received a series of reminder and save the date emails, none of them giving anything away about what the event would be, so as you can imagine I was very intrigued.

On the day I went for pre- event drinks and food at Scarfes Bar with Converse (work perks) and then we all walked over to the venue where the queue was massive. Obviously I arrived with my work crew and a Converse rep so we went straight in to find more glasses of bubbly, this was a good day. I swapped the black classic Converse All Star Hi I was wearing for a brand new pair of Chuck II red Hi’s, goggles and a white overall, obviously things were going to get messy.

The music (hiphop, grime and a little bit of Rihanna) was blaring, the vibe was nice and I must say Converse know all the hot men, I didn’t even know where to look.

As soon as everyone was suited up with fresh kicks on the paint started flying and there were team challenges on stage, it was so cool! Everyone was a mess but seemed to be loving life, luckily  I only ended up with paint on my face and in my ears obviously I was ghost when the paint bombs started popping off.

If you’re a fan of Converse or you’re new to the brand you need to get involved in the clever new Chuck II collection. They have been re-designed using Nike technology so they are super comfy, springy and have elastic on the tongue so the tongue doesn’t slide down. You can read all the technicalities here and shop the collection here.

Hats off and big love to Converse for the best paint party, rounding up the hotties, playing all my favourite tunes and my new kicks. The all white highs were a lovely extra treat too, I can’t wait to style them up. Thanks again for the invite Shy.

Dom Dominique xx





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