Sometimes you just need the wear jeans covered in sequins, tie a bandana around your braids and flash a bit of tummy in a crop top, am I right? Oh just me then?

For the schuh Throwback Thursday party last month (blog post coming soon) I decided I wanted to wear something sparkly, special and just a bit a random. I bought the jeans months ago and as soon as the date was set for the party I knew I would save their big debut for that.

I kinda wanted to do an 80’s Barbie ghetto fabulous vibe and I think I achieved it. Of course the sequin embellished jeans are inspired by Ashish but at a grand less, I’ll stick with the high street thanks. When I started looking for a top to match I wanted something plain but then I found a Barbie crop top and the rest is history.

The outfit went down well on the night and I can’t wait to wear my sparkly sassy pants again. I don’t think I’ll be brave enough to wear the crop top again though.

Let me know what you think and no I still can’t do a serious outfit post face or pose!



Jeans- Topshop

Top- H&M

Shoes- schuh



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