I really do have a lovely job, on the odd occasion I get to spend a Monday afternoon in the super fancy Winter Garden at the Landmark Hotel in Marylebone. Ok so this happened one time last week but you know, go with it.

Afternoon Tea at the Winter Garden has been on my hit list for the longest time because I love the idea of being one of those ladies who has expensive sandwiches, cakes and tea because I feel like it. The photographs on the website make this restaurant look amazing but seriously it’s so much better in real life.

Four of us sat down for a lovely afternoon of sweets, crust less sandwiches, tea and Champagne the whole time being serenaded by a man playing the piano. Well not quite serenaded but I was relaxed and didn’t want to leave. It feels like you are in a super posh restaurant in St Bart’s (never been there) or somewhere totally expensive. I mean, there are huge palm trees inside!

The glass ceiling is stories high and lucky for us it was a lovely sunny day so it was nice and bright inside.  The Winter Garden is in the middle of the hotel so the rooms, spa and  shops are all on the outside and it looks like something out of a film.

Of course we had loads of Champagne (you know how I do) and we ordered the Winter Garden Afternoon Tea and the Chocolate Afternoon Tea. The sandwiches were yummy and once you start eating they keep topping you up with more sandwiches which is really good but then you realise you’ve had about 10 in the last 10 minutes. Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of them, sorry.

After the sandwiches it’s time for the scones, sweets and tea course. I’m not really a sweetie person so although they looked exquisite I didn’t really get involved. I do love scones with clotted cream so I had 3 or 4 of those, when they are warm it’s like heaven. I chose a very exotic tea, Midsummer Mango and it was so refreshing and not too sweet.

The Winter Garden is one of those places, I would like to go just to hang out, relax and eat. I think I will try the Sunday Champagne Brunch next time. Afternoon tea here is 100% It’s a Style Thing Approved. The service was great, the food was lovely and I wanted to take the pianist and his piano home.

Dom Dominique xx


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