Somehow I have fallen into a South East London breakfast tour with two of my fabulous friends. It all started in January, when we first met up for breakfast and a catch up at my favourite café in Brockley. Ever since then we have tried to meet every other month and we take it in turns to pick a local restaurant or café. We all live in South East London so none of us ever have far to go which is good, especially in the morning when you’re hungry.

Our latest stop was No.67, an independent café and restaurant within the South London Gallery in Peckham. Unfortunately I can’t take the credit for finding this lovely eatery as it wasn’t my turn to choose this time.

No.67 is one of those places I have driven past so many times and never even noticed it was a café/restaurant. It’s a cute café set up at the front and more of a restaurant at the back with white walls and big wooden tables. We sat in the restaurant area right by the windows and when the sun came out and the light poured in it looked stunning. It was fairly busy when we arrived and people kept coming and going the whole time we were there. I just kept thinking how does everyone know about this place and I don’t?

The menu had a great selection and I know I say this all the time but it was really hard to choose. We all ended up ordering the same thing, the Full Spanglish, two eggs (fried or scrambled), chargrilled chorizo & morcilla, beans, roast mushroom and toast. It just sounded so good and it tasted even better. I had mine with scrambled eggs, no mushrooms and a hot chocolate. We also ordered and shared the waffles and crispy bacon, greedy much? The food was so good I could have eaten it twice, you know, if I wasn’t full.

Whenever we meet up we spend absolutely ages talking and laughing but luckily the staff at No.67 didn’t rush us or make us feel like we had to leave as soon as we had finished eating even though it was busy.

No.67 is 100% It’s a Style Thing approved and I will definitely be going back to try the dinner menu.

Let me know if you give this place a try,

Dom Dominique x






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