New York Day 4: Ms Liberty

Another jam packed day of being a tourist, shopping, and eating, I LOVE NEW YORK!!!

My Metro Card really got a good work out on this trip especially when it took me all the way to Staten Island. I bought tickets to ride the Staten Island tour guide ferry which is better than the free Staten Island ferry because you get much closer to the Statue of Liberty. There is an informative talk on the way about all the iconic buildings, the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge and a brief American history lesson. Fun fact, the Statue of Liberty was actually made in France and shipped over to New York. Maybe I’m the only the person who didn’t  know but I find it fascinating.

The tour boat took an hour and stayed at the Statue of Liberty for 15 minutes so we could get some really good photos. It was a beautifully clear day but it was so cold I couldn’t even feel my fingers.

Next time I visit I definitely want to do the helicopter ride over New York, it looks awesome and it’s not too expensive.

After being a total tourist I decided I needed to shop some more so I rode the subway a few stops to Spring Street. I went to Dash (One of the Kardashians stores) which was so underwhelming compared to the Miami store I visited last year. I still bought a pair of Arthur George socks by Rob Kardashian, I love those socks.

Most of the shops in the area reminded me of being back in London because you’ll find & Other Stories, All Saints, Dune, Footlocker etc but Bloomingdale’s was a nice change.

Clearly I walked loads so I rewarded myself with a huge pizza slice afterwards. You really can’t go to New York and not over indulge on pizza slices, it’s like the rules!

Then it was back to the hotel to get ready for a night at STK restaurant in the fabulous Meat Packing District for my friend’s birthday dinner. You will find all the STK pics in the food section.

Another lovely day with some great pics.


New York Day 4: Ms Liberty

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