New York Day 3: A few sights and more lights

Wow what a busy day I had, it started with brunch at Panera Bread where I finally got a bagel as well as a huge apple crunch muffin and a low fat mango smoothie. Panera Bread has so many types of bread it’s so hard to choose, I settled for the cheese bread bagel with Turkey, bacon, salad and cheese. I decided to eat loads In New York and cry about it when I get home.

After filling my belly I walked over to Bryant Park had a little look around and I met a very handsome tour guide who kindly gave me a little history lesson on the New York Library, The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. I could have listened to him talk all day long.

Then I finally got  to start my shopping in Times Square. The Hiphop music blaring from MAC dragged me inside and I stocked up on a few new bits. A trip to M&Ms world is a must even though its pretty much the same in London. I also treated myself to a super bright new pair of Air Max 90 trainers, the colours are insane and they are from the men’s collection believe it or not.

Time was against me so I had to head back to the apartment to get ready for a night on Broadway.  The leader of our group managed to get us tickets to see Chicago. I love musicals but this one was a bit much for me.

After the show I managed to get a snap with NaTasha Yvette Williams who  plays Matron Mama Morton in the Chicago, she was so nice.

Then it was time for my favourite thing, food!  We all went  to Pasta Lovers a few blocks away and I had the biggest bowl of pasta, broccoli and chicken washed down with Prosecco of course. I was so stuffed I could barely move after.

The days just fly by so quickly in New York and a decent nights sleep is not an option.


New York Day 3: A few sights and more lights

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