New York Day 2:  BROOKLYN!

Today (after a massive breakfast) I decided to be a total tourist and ride the subway all way to the Brooklyn Bridge.

There were the usual street artists doing quick portraits and a stall selling keyrings and fridge magnets but what surprised me the most was two guys selling selfie sticks. They had the most customers, including my friend who needed a new battery for her selfie stick remote, don’t ask.

The bridge was so busy with people walking in both directions, cyclists, parents with pushchairs and people simply walking their dogs. Dogs are big news in New York, I actually saw a dog with wellies on and the snow wasn’t even bad that day.

The views along the bridge are amazing so I stopped loads of times to take pictures. It’s a bit weird seeing the cars underfoot but once you stop thinking about how high up you are, it’s pretty cool. It took approximately 45 minutes to walk across the bridge and surprisingly enough my legs didn’t hurt.

Once I crossed the bridge into Brooklyn I wanted to check out the Kings Plaza Mall where I shopped the last time I visited New York. It took ages to get there on the bus and it wasn’t worth it, I didn’t buy anything and it’s not as good as it was the last time I went there.

The journey back took forever, almost 2 hours and I had to stop off at McDonald’s to feed the pain of the rest of the journey. I wish I had gone to a few exhibitions after the bridge walk instead.

Once again it was back to the apartment to change in to another evening outfit for an evening at Sin City gentleman’s club… All I will say is strip clubs are a lot different in American and it’s more of a social thing instead of just men drooling over women.

I had the best night xx


New York Day 2: BROOKLYN!

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