New York: Day 1

New York started with a massive pizza at 2am followed by a few hours sleep and then an early start for the first full day.

I bought a 7 day Metro card and rode the subway (not as good as London) to the bright lights of Times Square although the rain and snow kind of ruined any good photo opps. I went to the famous Grand Central station and had a total Gossip Girl moment, if you know you know.

I stopped for breakfast/ lunch and dinner at a restaurant/ grill place and i can’t remember the name but i had the club sandwich and fries and i was finished for the rest of the day, it was MASSIVE!

The subway in known for performers and i saw a loud and exciting jazz band and two guys just playing music half singing along, it was so funny.

Then it was back to the apartment suite at the Marmara in Uptown Manhattan for a quick outfit change. I spent the evening with the girls at a Brooklyn Nets V Milwaukee Bucks basketball game at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn. For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to watch a big basketball game in America. Today it finally happened and it was awesome!

I picked up the game quite quickly and I loved all the added extras in between. I saw a marriage proposal on the kiss cam and when it was party time everyone under the spotlight had to dance, it was so much fun. The cheerleaders were so energetic and their last routine was to one of my favourite soca tunes, very impressive!

After a nail biting final 5 minutes extra time (they did extra time 3 times) the Brooklyn Nets won by 2 points and I cheered and screamed like a long time fan. I think it was the electric atmosphere.

I had such a good night x






New York: Day 1

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