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Get me to New York!

In the run up to New York I bought a new coat and I knew it wasn’t warm enough but because I loved it so much I kept it.  As I saw the temperatures hadn’t improved the week before the trip I panicked. I needed a super warm coat and then I saw this little beauty on Instagram. Mags the designer had posted a picture of her latest custom made coat and I knew I needed it.

I contacted Mags and asked her if she would be able to make me a long bomber like hers literally fours days before I was due to fly out. She simply replied yes, I will have it ready the day before you fly out. When I went to collect it the size needed to be adjusted, I do this annoying thing where I think I’m bigger than I am, so I ordered a size too big. Mags was happy to adjust it on the spot and I went off on my merry way confident  I wouldn’t freeze in the big apple.

Honestly this is the warmest coat I own and everywhere I went people complimented it. I posted a pic wearing it at the airport and my Instagram went crazy. This was the only coat I took to New York, it looked great in the evenings too, bonus!

If you don’t follow the brand CrysChris and the brand designer Margreeezy on Instagram you really need to do it now.

Long Bomber Coat CrysChris 

Luggage Tripp at Debenhams


Everything CrysChris

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