Event- Cat Festival Diaries Launch

When- 27th March 2015

Where- Redchurch Street London

I was lucky enough to be invited to the CAT Festival Diaries launch event with CAT Footwear in Shoreditch.

The invite suggested I’d be doing something creative which honestly scared me a little bit because I can’t draw or paint.

When I arrived the blaring hip hop music in the reception area made me feel right at home . The SS15 collection was displayed in the second section and it looked fantastic. The third and final room had blue boiler suit overalls hanging on the walls with pairs of CAT boots, paints and stickers underneath.

Breakfast was provided by Dub Plates. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a poached egg and jerk chicken breakfast muffin followed by granola, fruit and an island muffin. The food was incredible and you know I like to eat right!

Breakfast was followed by a presentation by French artist and collaborator Camille Walala aka my new favourite person. Camille is now on her second collection with CAT and it looks brilliant. The prints she designs are fun, bright and everyone will see you coming from a mile away. The presentation documented some of Camille’s best work  including clothing projects, painting schools, re-designing a cafe and painting the outside of a widows house in East London, the cutest story.
I literally want Camille to paint my house and design fun clothes and jewellery for me. I felt very inspired after the presentation because she gave the impression that anything is possible if you do what you love.

Then came the creative part… I put on the super chic boiler suit overalls and the CAT Colorado boots they provided ready for painting.  I decided to take the easy way out and use the stencils after Camille showed me how they work, of course I went for neon colours. Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay all day so I didn’t get to finish my boots.

I had the best time with great food, music and creative people. The new SS15 Walala collection at Cat Footwear UK is so cool, you really need to take a look. Exciting things are happening with this brand and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

Thanks for having me CAT xx



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