East Street

As I get older my social life seems to involve more and more catch ups with friends over food. Not that I’ve given up partying or anything but I love food and here in London there are so many different and exciting options.

I had an overdue catch up with one of my fabulous fashion friends this week. As soon we decided to meet in the West End I knew exactly where to take her. I wish I could take the credit for finding East Street Restaurant but I really can’t, another friend introduced me to this amazing Asian food.

10933710_771874066228381_6507648476251245927_nSo far I’ve had dishes from Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam, ok so I go there way too much. I only have a few more dishes to try then I can start all over again, greedy much? I always enjoy every dish but because the portions are so big I never have space for dessert so if you go there please tell me what they are like.

East Street restaurant is cool, authentic and you can see your meal being prepared, which I love. The staff are very friendly, they explain the menu and help you decide if you are overwhelmed by the options. Each person has a paper placemat which is a map of the Far East so when they take your order they show you where the dish originates.

On this occasion I had the chicken Satay from Malaysia to start and the chicken Katsu curry from Japan for my main course. I was really boring and had a soft drink as my friend was doing dry January (no alcohol) but normally I have cocktails. I spent £21 and I was so full afterwards, money well spent.

East Street is 100% It’s a Style Thing APPROVED!


East Street

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